The Courage To Share Our Creations


Hello sweeties, I’m back with another post. So, this is a picture of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. I drew her. I actually drew her a while back, and kind of wanted to post it on here, but I don’t have enough nerve for that, because a lot of people I know follow this blog, and I feel nervous about displaying my art to them. It’s odd, I think, that I make so much art, things that are meant to be displayed and shown off, but I never show it to anyone. I don’t have much confidence in my art, mostly because I know there are way better artists that me in the world. In the classroom, even (Jada). When I’m just looking at my own art, I think it’s pretty good, but then I compare it to others’ art, and I feel like trash. I really try not to compare myself to others, but it’s difficult, especially when there’s so much great fan art out there. My own reluctance to show people my artwork makes me think of something we talked about in our English class. How it’s difficult to share the things we create, because we’re worried that others will judge us, and tear us down. And, unfortunately, we’re generally right. Because that’s how society is. It sees anything beautiful or different and instantly feels the need to crush it. It’s human nature. It’s unfortunate and sad, and most of the reason that I have anxiety. But today, I reject society. Look at my art, give me your opinion, good or bad. I personally think that I did a wonderful job on this drawing, and I will not let anyone tear me down.


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